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    Jun 20, 2010, 02:59 PM
    Free harley davidson troubleshooting
    I have a 93 sportster I have oil spitting out the carb
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    Mar 5, 2012, 05:09 AM
    I've got a 1990 FLTCU, Dry SUMP. The crankcase breather which used to run to the ground now runs up a chrome pipe to the airfilter because of Environment Protection Agency. The oil is supposed to collect in a mini sump in the airfilter housing to be sucked into the carbie and burnt. ( Which can cause blocked air jets that I have to blow out with compressed air every now and then or it won't run well. I've had an idea to take a bike pump with a football spike on it and use that and it works). Anyway there's a metal semi circle that is held in place by not much and oil gets under it an leaks onto the timing cone my leg my right hand panniers around the front of the engine. I've tried hot gluing it in place which worked for a while till the glue lifted. I tried gasket sealant , and a plastic metal bondo but it still leaks. I then decided to put two screws through the upper two corners into the plastic backing ( there are two corresponding indentations on the air filter backing at those points) through the metal plate so that the bottom is held against the raised platic edge at the bottom then applied Hylomar around the edge worked for a couple of rides now it leaks. The only alternative I've seen is removing the breather from the airfilter and pointing it at the ground pre EPA some people put breather filters on the end Chrome things you'd have to clean.

    Triumph like my old T120R 30 plus years ago ran the breather hose all the way back under the rear fender so it didn't drip oil all over the rear tyre like older H-Ds especially if a major wet sump incident happened, caused by a air leak in the dry sump system like a loose timing plug or deteriorated timing plug seal,(symptom get smoking exhausts), or a stuck pressure release valve ( oil pump you have to remove plug and clean the sliding cylinder now and then it gums up and can get stuck open or closed as with cleaning the tappet oil screen that lets oil go to the head plug next to oil pump release valve plug on crankcase) Get a workshop manual like Clymers) Triumph added a bottle at the end with an air hole at the top to let gas out to collect the oil you'd have to empty it regular. I heard one bloke told me he ran the breather into his two into ones stopped them from rusting but he didn't care if it smoked a bit. I'm still trying to fix the stock system and just keep wiping away the oil I'll find a good resin one day next I'll try araldite as I wanted to keep it removeable but there's no real point to keeping the metal loose I suppose.

    If it is actually oil coming out of the carbie mouth I've never seen this symptom unless its fuel collecting around the mouth from a leaky pumper squiter. Mines a Kehlin 40mm CV ,Take off the air filter cover start the bike rev it a few times keep it at about 2000rpm and see if fuel leaks from the squiter then or when it idles. If it does Easy rider tech tips says that it's from the pumper arm being too long and pressing on the diaphram when the bike runs because of vibration. The answer is to remove the pumper arm and take off a small amount (very small a bit at a time as you can't put it back) with a small file at the point the end of the arm touches the pumper diaphram (get a manual). Reassemble each time and try again. Takes a while if your not lucky but I did it to mine as mine leaked and it stopped. Also improves gas mileage. So you have to drop the bowl and unhook the pumper arm. Probably good idea to clean the bowl anyway and check the condition of the diaphram on the pumper and make sure your jets are clean and tight.

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