I have a chance to buy a 1995 harley fdxwg with 12,000 miles for $ 5000 the bike looks clean and in good shape in the picture and this is the second owner who says he only has ridden it twice this year. The tires on the bike are original. He said last year Harley stored the bike for him and went through inspection with the bike. I am going to look at the bike and hopefully test drive it . What should my concerns be and what should I look at to see if this is something I should buy. This would be the first bike that I have owned. I am not a mechanic and would not want something that would not be reliable if I were to take this on a long trip. The bike is in my price range but do not want to get stuck with a bike I have to keep putting money into it. Anybody with any wise advice about this possible purchase would be very much appreciated... Thanks