Running out of options! Thought I had a pretty good grasp of all things electrical and mechanical with this bike.. This is getting ridiculous! Bike was idling on its stand for approx. 15 minutes. Was away from bike and returned to find it shut down. Attempts to restart fail.
With switch on: Full lights , check engine lit and extinguished after 5 s, speedo initializes (needle drops below 0 then 2s buzz and return to zero).
New and fully charged battery, new Moroso Ultra 40 plug wires, clean plugs, new crank position sensor, new DynaTek TC88 ignition module.
02 Dyna service manual purchased and began working through troubleshooting flow charts.
Manual diagnostic mode tests and status indications:
Switch off, jumper between diagnostic port pins 3 and 4 then switch to on position.
check engine light response with (2) series of 3 pulses over a 2 second period followed by 2 second delay and another (2) sets of 3 flashes over a 2 second period. This has been identified as the intermission pulse sequence that signals the beginning of DTC error code dump. Since this pattern is repeated continuously, concluded that there are no stored historical or active codes.

No Secondary ignition spark at plugs All fuses and breaker is good, seeing good source voltage
Don't have a scanalizer diagnostic tool so using a DVM and 0-14VDC continuity testing light
Bank angle sensor (tip over disable) in TSM activation tested using DVM on TSM pin 10 (ignition enable node) and measure with respect to battery ground. Cycling ignition switch to ON and with TSM upright, Pin10 voltage = +.5VDC. When TSM is tipped 90 degrees, voltage measures 3.6 VDC This level will disable ignition at pin10 of black connector to Ignition Module. Confirmed that .5vdc level set on that pin.

Disconnected 3 position Ignition coil input connector and with Test lamp - Center lead has 12vdc with key /run switch on
Cranked engine while probing positions a and c on connector (Forward and rear cylinder ignition signaling) and see NO flashing light in either position
Measured AC voltage between pins 5 and 6 on Ignition module (crank position sensor inputs) and observed 3.4 VAC rms on DVM while cranking.

At this point manual recommended the replacement of Ignition Module . Replaced original screamin eagle module with DynaTek TC88 -2P part that was considered compatible after talking with vendor technical staff NO change in no start condition

Confirmed power to ignition module at pin 1 of black connector and proper operation of RUN/STOP switch good ground connection confirmed on pins 2 and 11 of black connector at Ignition module
Began systematically measuring for continuity module to module with no intermittent or open connections
Resistance across the crank position sensor is 855 ohms
At complete loss on where to go from here. Shop manual basically gives up and vaguely mentions a mechanical problem at this point