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    Jul 18, 2016, 02:24 AM
    My PC won't display anything on my monitor.
    So 2 weeks after building my computer, it was working fine but then one day I turn it on and the fans are spinning abnormally loud so I restart my computer but when it tries to turn back on it doesn't display anything on my monitor.
    So for about 2 hours I am try to fix the problem then it randomly fixes it's self when I was turning my PC on and off.
    But now 3 weeks pass and the same thing happens. The computer was working fine in the morning. Then I need to leave the house. I shut down my computer and leave for the whole day when I come back in the evening and turn it on, the fans spun abnormally loud again so I knew what will happen if I restart my computer so I just leave it hoping it will stop but then after a while I noticed that the contrast in my main monitor went down. So me being scared by this, I restarted my computer. And again the computer didn't want to display anything. There is no problem in the monitors as I connected them to my PS3 and they worked fine I tried connecting my PC to my TV and it didn't work.
    I restarted my computer an bunch of times removing it from the plug and everything. But it still doesn't work. The last time it just randomly started working after restarting my PC a few times.
    I having been doings so for much longer than last time and there are still no results. I left it unplugged overnight and it still didn't work. I have no idea what I can do now. I have 2 monitors. The HDMI output port is not broken as I have also tried connecting it with VGA and DVI.
    My graphics card is an Geforce 970 GTX.
    Also when I plug in my Main monitor to the mother board's HDMI output it still doesn't work my GPU is definitely powered as it lights up and my mouse and key board also light up.

    Thanks For reading this far I would be grateful if you help me
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    Jul 19, 2016, 02:25 PM
    Your video card could have gone bad. Do you have default video on your MB? If not then your going to have to get another card to test it with.
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    Feb 12, 2017, 08:23 AM
    If the fans are running full speed, the motherboard may not be getting through P.O.S.T. So, with the power disconnected, remove memory and all expansion cards. Dust the slots out with an electronics duster or filtered low pressure compressed air. Reinstall memory and expansion cards and try to boot.

    If no joy, disconnect power and interface cabling for everything not needed to P.O.S.T. (usually only keyboard, video card, and monitor required) and try again. If the video card is left out, most P.O.S.Ts will complain about no video with beeps or lights which indicates the P.O.S.T. was up to video initialization.

    If no joy, check motherboard for accidental ground or electrical connections from uncapped power supply connectors.

    If still no joy, at this point I would stick in a P.O.S.T. diagnostic card to see where it is stopping and investigate possible reasons.

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