I'm helping my friend look for her daughter Sarah kinslow.She's been missing since May 1,2001.She's listed on the internet in various places just put search in.Pay attention to the blog her mother is writing,there's extra info about her friends that we believe know about her whereabouts and were never truthful or made to tell about her.Her boyfriend was charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.He was bonded out and never faced court!This occurred in Greenville,Tx.The police did little an we feel really strongly she's aiive.matbe in child sex slavery ring.She was rumoured to be in Beaverton,Oregon.We are currently trying to get age enhancements pics.If you're a sleuth and think you can help we need all we can.Her parents were on Montel Williams Show and I didn't think they received a good interview.Sarah didn't make the news she was considered a runaway and unfortunately they don't give those cases to the public much.Thanks for reading and hope you can help!:confused: :confused: