My name is Kimberley Hanzuk, I was born to Debra Hanzuk on October 15Tth in Anchorage, Alaska 1987. I have been trying to locate my biological dad whose name is David Earl Langley, who is probably in his late 40's now. He was last known living in Texarkana Texas or Arkansas and married Joyce Langley in I think 1989 or1990. I was living in Arizona at that time with my Mom & sister & he flew to Arizona the un when I was 3 to meet me for the first time. That's the last time I saw him. I have tried looking up and evan called several David Langley's with no success of one of them being my dad. My Mom told me she met him when he was a bouncer at a country club in Anchorage in 1986 and he also had his uncle who also lived up here at that time. I don't know where else to look until I came across this website. Thank you.