We are in search of Shirley Dean Lawson(maiden name). She has been married about 9 times. Her second marriage was to William Bascomb Lantrip, and her 4th marriage was a remarriage to the first husband. My husband seems to think another of her marriages either #5 or #8 was to a Sears, whom was a dentist in the Mountain Brook, Alabama area. Her birthday is unknown except for year which is either 1935 or 1936, about 76 years of age. She was 22 on December 20th 1957 when my husband was born. My husbands father(William Bascomb Lantrip) and mother(Shirley Dean Lawson Lantrip) use to live in Snowtown, Alabama. Shirley left William shortly after my husband was born. My husband say in the new year of 1958 when he was just 6 weeks old, so around February 1958 is when she left. She has 2 other children born born out of her first marriage being Mike & Jackie, then born in marriage with William Lantrip was Debbie, my husband and another girl he can not remember her name though. He has no idea if there are other children from other marriages after she left. I hope this is enough info to go on cause this is all he can remember. We are trying to find her for him because he is sick and doctor gave him 20years and it has been 13 already. I have talked him into finding his mother for family history and so he can get to know her. My late husband(he was given 2 months to live) before him also agreed to do the same thing to locate his mother, but we never got around to doing this before he passed away. I was able to locate her 1 year after he passed, and I don't want this to end up the same way. Please someone help! TY