I have searched for my husbandsfather on her before and got close to finding him but we are still searching,so I thought I would try one last time. Since the last post we have made wehave matched and connected with his first cousins on AncestryDNA so we have infact confirmed paternity as well as we can without contact with him.

Here is all the information I have:I am looking for Steven Fuller we believe he was born 1957 or 1958 in Evanston,IL. He was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base in 1979 and became a Fire SafetySupervisor while he was there. I know his mother’s name was Daisy LeavelleFuller and she lived in Chicago, IL. We were told that he was back in Illinoisaround 2009. This is basically the only information we have. I have searched Facebookand white pages but Steven Fuller is such a common name we haven’t been able to find him.

Thanks in advance for helping!