I am looking for my friend Francis.
I know that his name is Francis-Henry but I don't know his last name.
He has a nickname "mr Smiley"
He is from Paris, he was for almost 6 years in capital of Panama (Panama city) and he moved back in Paris in January 2012 with his family.
He was born in 16th September 1968, studied finances accounting and he worked in a navy company in France, Africa, Asia,USA..
His last job was in Panama in an online casino.
He is Married and has a son.
He has twins sisters and three brothers.
He has also uncles in Athens who have financial business
He told me that he will visit me in Athens in 27th January and I found an hotel for him and his family but nothing.
I worry because he didn't come here and he doesn't answer to my email.
I don't know what happened to him or his family.
I am very worried because his father was ill.
Please can you help me?