OK. I need some real good advice. Honestly my recruiter I think gives me bull and I've been trying to search someone who has any help for months. Now I'm honestly tired of trying to give people my life story but in a nut shell I was big fat and no muscle over a year ago and through high school sports I manage to lose 45 pounds and now am at 235, just at the weight limit for the marines acceptance. Now lets say at my weight and body structure right now (average strength and for my weight above average speed) can a guy who trust me I won't quit make it through boot camp. My biggest fear is being thrown out for like being out of shape or whatever. Again I'm sorry if I sound or come across annoyed and like an . Its just I'm sooooo nervous maybe more than a normal person would be and I'm tired of posting these things on millions of websites and getting notin but bull and retarted none helpful answers back. Yea again sorry.