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    Feb 24, 2015, 08:18 AM
    My past is a part of the person I am today.
    Ok I am a 27 yr old female from Dallas Tx. Recently I have gotten out of a drug rehab for an old possession charge from 2012. In January 2014 I received 3 yrs probation and the completion of a 6 month rehab which I did complete successfully. I have already been on probation for 1 yr and I'm currently part of a drug court program known as the stack program. I am doing everything necessary and have remained clean for a yr now. I've even been working for awhile now. But I wanna turn my life around dramatically and do something with myself.

    What I wanna know is, is there anyway the air force will let me join now? I've completed a third of my sentence already.

    Please help me.
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    Feb 24, 2015, 08:50 AM
    Go have a chat with an AF recruiter. They can give you specific answers to your questions.

    Contact Us: Frequently Asked Questions -

    Then to,

    Contact Us: Frequently Asked Questions -

    What law violations will disqualify me?

    Law violations have an impact on qualifying for Air Force enlistment. It is best that you contact your local Air Force recruiter who is qualified to answer questions on your specific situation.
    For more information on this subject, you can chat with one of our online advisers or click here to contact us and get in touch with your local recruiter.

    If I have done drugs, am I disqualified to join?

    In most cases, substance abuse is disqualifying. Your specific circumstances should be discussed with your recruiter for an accurate determination to be made.
    For more information on this subject, you can chat with one of our online advisers or click here to contact us and get in touch with your local recruiter.
    Ask them if you can join a different branch of the military, and transfer to the AF at a later time.
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    Dec 20, 2015, 02:34 AM
    The air force and the navy are probably the toughest to get in. I had to jump through hoops myself just to get into the army. I had some things on my record. They were the only branch that gave out what they call "waivers" as a way for you to be accepted in the army. If u don't have any luck with the air force I do suggest trying the army or the marines. Don't give up. 😉

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