Hello everyone:
I always wanted to join the Marines. At 18 I wanted to enlist but I broke my leg and that was it. I am 25 now. Since that time most of my family wanted me to stay out of the military and I did. I had many jobs but I did't like any of them I always wanted something interesting and meaningfull so I applied for a firefighter but the wait is way too long.
Again I am thinking about Marines. I made up my mind and nothing is going to stop me from being a Marine. The recruiter told me that my age is no problem but I wonder if it really isn't? I wonder if I can handle the basic training. Just for the record I am 6'2", 200 pounds in average shape overall and my leg is 100% ok. Are "older" guys more open to tough treatment by the Drill Instructors and other Marines?
Maybe my questions sound stupid but I am just curious. Just wondering if I can keep up with all those 18 year olds. I am just very anxious and kind of in disbelief that I will be a Marine and I want to prepare for the experience that awaits me. Any answers would be most welcome.