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    Word problem
    Lucas drives to and from school over the same route each day. On Friday, he drives at an average rate of 35 mph and is two minutes late to school. On Monday, he drives at an average rate of 40 mph and is three minutes early to school. If he left home at the same time each day, what is the distance lucas travels from home to school one way

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A local restaurant is hosting a chili cook-off. The restaurant is making award ribbons for the first, second, and third place winners. Each ribbon consists of a rectangle and an isosceles triangle. How many square inches of material will the restaurant need to make each ribbon?

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A landscaper needs several pieces of PVC pipe, each 3 feet 4 inches long. PVC pipe comes in 20-foot lengths. How many pieces can Roger cut out of one length of pipe?

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At one time, the Texas Junior college Teachers asscosiation annual conference was held in Austin. At that time a taxi ride in austin was $1.25 for the first 1/5 of a mile and $.025 for each additional mile. If the distance from one of the convention hotel to the airport is 7.5 miles how much...

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A pool is filled by two pipes. It takes the first pipe 2 hours more and the second pipe 4 hours more to fill it than both pipes at the same time. The book says that the first pipe fills the pool in 5 hours and the second one in 7.5 hours, so I think I did something wrong. Anyway, here's what I...

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One printing shop charges $5 plus $.02 perpage and a second shop charges $7 plus $.015 per page. If ___ pages are printed, the total cost is less for the first printing shop. a. less than 1500 b. less than 2100 c. less than 400 d. less than 900 I got c for my answer. Just checking to see...

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