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    Nov 18, 2013, 07:42 AM
    How do you tell what has been discharged in a chapter 13.
    This was filed in NC Wake County and I am 39 and a Teacher.

    In our Trustees final report with a list of all creditors, notice only and account amounts and completed plan papers for ch.13 I have my entire school loan listed with guarantors name and the specific amount. When I received the papers I called my lawyer he told me that if there is a specific amount listed then it was discharged.

    When we took the means test we were at a negative amount and we were told that all our unsecured debt was not going to have to be repaid because of the negative number on the means test. The school loan is listed on the Schedule F form as well. It is also listed on # 60 of the means test when it states is there any other expense that would be paid. It's under the negative amount of the means test.

    Is this correct? My lawyer never told us about an adversary hearing or how to proceed.

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