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    Dec 6, 2016, 01:01 PM
    English Speech
    I have a speech, so can anyone tell me if it is good? (spelling doesn't matter). Its about Black Pete. (Holland)

    Exactly 2 days ago, it was the day that thousands of little children, had one of their best days of the year . The day that a long bearded man comes along on his horse, together with his helpers, to give kids sweets and a lot of presents. It seems like a perfect day, doesnít it? But it definitely isn't. There is an ongoing discussion between the people against black Pete and the people in favour of black Pete. And both groups donít listen to each other. Both groups only think about their own opinion. They have narrowed their horizon. I personnaly think black pete isn't racist. But does that mean that I am the problem too? What are the pros and what are the cons of black pete? So what I am actually asking: Is black pete racist or not?

    If you think the dutch people are narrowminded, look at the rest of the world. Black Pete exposes the Netherlands' problem with race. An article from the Guardian. This is 1 out of hundreds of articles from all over the world who almost all say we are weird an racist. And they have one thing in common: it is our feast, not theirs. Why do countries on the other side of the globe have a say In this. They donít think about it as an tradition that has lasted for tens of decades. They just see it as something that was made up yesterday. But it is not. It is literally our culture. If the Dutch citizens decide that its wrong ,okay. But other countries shouldn't have a say in this.
    In the introduction I talked about we have to rethink about black pete. But what are the pros and cons actually?A very big con of black pete is that colored kids come home crying, because someone called them black pete. And whether this is done on puprose or not, that is not meant that way. We donít want kids crying, we want them to have fun with this feast. But there are also pros to keep black pete. The first thing I would give as an argument is that as a kid, I didn't think of a black man necessarily, but a man that was black of the soot in the chimney. So why would kids nowadays become racist because they see a black man working for a white man.

    You now know at least 1 pro and con for the discussion about black pete. I must say that I still think that black pete is good, but that is my opinion. What you think, is for you to decide. Your opinion could have been that it isn't racist, but if you think of all the possible arguments against and in favor, you might think something else now. You can still think the same as you did before, like I do, but you did broaden your horizon.
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    Dec 6, 2016, 04:46 PM
    You are speaking about a traditional character who was dark skinned being of the moorish race. These days it is considered racist for a white person to impersonate a coloured person. Because of racist overtones it is not considered appropriate for a white person to have a black servant and in your society there may be many darkskinned immigrants who may be offended even though this is a tradition and theatre. Personally, I don't think depiction of a historical event should be considered tainted but why couldn't Black Pete be played by a dark skinned person or have the actor wear a mask rather than makeup, after all the characters shouldn't be the focus but the children

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