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    Apr 15, 2012, 11:47 AM
    I need help finding a movie title from the 1900
    I need help finding a movie that I don't know what the title is or when it was made or the actors names. But the plot is an army movie a guy that has a mental disability but is really strong goes into the army, first he is arrested for something and then hancuffed to pipe and breaks loose. So when he first gets into the army he is assigned to clean the bathroom and he thinks it is a promotion. He makes inventions to make the bathroom look better. And towards the end of the movie him and his friend go into an airplane and they think that the plane is going to crash so they jump out. They try to find their way back thinking that they are going to get a medal but instead the guys that were driving the plane get the medal.
    Im sorry if this doesn't help any but this is what I can remember

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