I have been seeing a wonderful man for 8 months, my husband passed away 2 1/2years ago and his marriage finished end of 2010. He pursued me right from when we kfirst saw each other, we saw each other frequently and he would ring me each night. Then xmas eve (my birthday) we went out for dinner then to friends for a while he spent most of the xmas break at my home as usual. Then he comes to see me just over 1week ago and says it is all of and we were only friends with benefits! No way! He said he felt a connection with one of my friends who has a long term live in partner. This is the same thing he told me when we met, felt there was a connection between us it has always felt as if we had known each other for ever. I get on really well with his children and his two grandchildren have even been calling me nana. Dumb but I have been too scared to say the L word and he never has either. I have always known that he was on an emotional rollercoaster something which we both spoke about and I have supported him when he has been low. I know he intends to do some travelling when he finished on the farm end of June. I wish I didn't feel like I do but can't help it.
I am gutted and shocked! He told me this while I was ill.
My birht date is 24.12.1955 capricorn and his is 3.09.1959 virgo