In 8+half 9 grade I used to be bubbly and happy and don't care what anybody says but in the middle of 9 th grade my bestfriends stab me in the back and left for some other girl and with the Pressure at home I always felt like a mistake to my family that my sister always perfect and my brother just the way they wanted from that both I felt lonely in school so instead siting inn brake out I stay in the bath room and listen to some music and stayed like that for 2 months and no one notice it then my cousin who goes my school as well called to hang around with her so I said OK but it didn't feel the same like it used to be and now its summer I feel lonely and always siting in my room on internet trying to kill the time then go to sleep and days like this till now and I started to cut again last time was hard to stop but then now it tamped me I cut again and no one knows and know since I always stay in my room when I smell food I always feel like puking is that normal and I hate I become which gives me another reason to cut there's no day when I think if you killed myself to day no one will care all they going to do is celebrate that they got the pardon in there lives but I don't want to end up in that way I want to get back to the old me the one I acutely liked and I don't know what to do
Can you help me