I have never been diagnosed with an anxiety or depression disorder but I am realizing more often some extremes in my moods, such as getting over-stimulated, low anxiety, and some sleep problems. I struggle controlling how I sometimes feel. It is also worse if I'm struggling with a relationship. I also occasionally have had a sort of emotional breakdown that I can almost anticipate and see coming where everything hits me as just too much, coming from a lot of stress in a part/parts of my life. I sleep well, maybe too well, but I often scare the whole family out of bed with yelling. I hardly ever remember a dream or cause for sleep walking/talking and I occasionally wake myself up after maybe flinching hard and kicking the wall. In the evening is when I become the most moody. I have troubles talking to family and often get frustrated at others trying to talk to me where I have no patience and tend to zone out. I am 22 and male with nothing traumatic to remember. This may be all to vague and I understand the best thing to do is to see a doctor but it would be nice to learn some more and gain some understanding if there is even anything wrong to begin with. So thank you for any advice or questions.