OK as many have read my prevous threads know somewhat about me so for the rest here it is I am a 13 male I weigh 230 lbs and I am 6'2.

Lately I have been in the citry and noticing people are afraid of me, I walk up to pretty,cute nice girls around my age and tlak to them and they think imlike 20-30 and stuff and when I tell them I'm 13 they quickly run away laughing and it's a huge ego destroyer I have only had two girlfriend who have gotten to know the real side of me, most of my consider me a "teddy bear" and ya>

I was hanging with one of my popular friends and he brought one of his girl-friends and they thought I was 20 and were scared and I talked to them on msn and they completely changed on how they thought how I am.

I really don't like to be though of as " BIG SCARY GUY" or "FATTA**"

But the thing that makes me most insecure is how I am bugged by people same age but way weaker and smaller and I easily can kick their a** but I don't really resort to voilence and I guess I let them push me over and I get made fun a lot at school and the teachers hear and they replie " watch out and stop making fun of him one day ur gonna call his stuff and he is gonna walk up to u and beat ur a**" and I really hate that they think I'm going to resort to voilence when I would rather talk to them and if they don't stop I get pisse d and then get voilent what do I do to look less scary and stuff

And anyone can ask one of my friends I am an emo teddy bear I am mostly depressed and you sad but I love helping my friends with there problems

And please noe one go on this and say oh your 13 and you can't be emo your just looking for atteniton,
f*** I got enough attention from my size and the way I look

Please can anyone help me I need help.? :confused: