My son just turned 30 and he and his wife live about 15 minutes away. They have a 2 1/2 year old boy, my grandson, that I love very much. I spend a lot of time with him and have even kept him over night. I have also been dating a man and we are now in an exclusive relationship. This weekend I was sick and had to cancel seeing my grandson because all I could do was throw up. My son wanted me to see him and my grandson Sunday but I had plans with my boyfriend and I couldn't cancel with him again. I had cancelled with him the last 2 times so I could see my son and grandson. Well, my son became verbally abusive with me when I told him I had plans already. He now says that I am no longer allowed to see my grandson because I blew him off Saturday and went and saw my boyfriend instead of spending the day with him and my grandson. He told me that I was a horrible mother and grandmother, and all kinds of horrible things. I have spent most of my life walking on egg shells when around my son because he becomes very angry with me if things are just right. My ex-husband was very physically and verbally abusive and have been out of that relationship for 2 years now, but now realize that my son has been abusing me since he was 16 years old! I can't let him tell me how to live my life anymore. He gets angry if I spend 2-4 hours with my grandson stating why I even bothered to visit if I can't be with him longer. I work full time and have a daughter with a daughter (granddaughter) and a boyfriend and don't see why I have to choose. I am always afraid to cancel with my son because of his reactions. I can't let him dictate how and when I do things in my life and since I'm not going to allow that anymore, I guess that means I loose out on seeing my grandson. I love him so much and I don't want loose what he and I have with each other but WON'T let my son control me, or verbally abuse me anymore. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!

Broken Hearted Grandmother