Lately I've received copies of several medical records for both of my biological parents (both are deceased). I wanted these files primarily because I'm expecting my first child and want my family to be as healthy as possible, and I also for my own health information. I've been going over my father's records for the last couple of days (there's a LOT to look through), and it's brought back many painful memories of when I knew him. Today I found some psychiatric records for him, and amongst other things, the psychiatrist wrote that my father showed "classic sociopathic symptoms", was cold, and in the psychiatrist's opinion has little or no conscience. Actually this makes a lot of sense to me given my experiences with him. Looking back I really think he was incapable of love or loving feelings.

Anyway, my question is, if my father in fact was a sociopath or had some form of antisocial personality disorder, is there a genetic component? Is it possible that my children could inherit it? And if there is a known genetic component, what are the chances of them getting it? My bio mom had schizophrenia, which is partially genetic, and as a result I had a 10% of getting it myself. That's what I mean by chances. Thanks!