I really do wish I had some hobbies but I've never become enthralled in something. Ever since I was young I just wasted my spare time with video games :o

It's a bit sad really, there isn't anything I'm really passionate about. I just go out and drink beer and see mates in the meantime. I don't do any sport, don't do anything creative, don't do any kind of psychical activity,don't play music, just don't do anything.

It's sad, and I really need to get something going in my life.

The question is though, how do you when you're not interested in anything? I'd like to start some kind of physical activity but I hate embarrassing myself because I'm a bit goofy and uncoordinated and a bit slow when it comes to learning...

Does anyone have any advice what someone like me can look into doing and how to go about doing it?

I wouldn't mind being able to

I suppose I'm asking... How do you become passionate about something? How do you obtain a passion?