Hi I'm just wondering and hoping that someone might know what's wrong,as a child I always suffered with light headiness(dizzy spells) and that brought on panic attacks,lord rest my granny she suffered the same and always said if I take my mind off it it would ease it and I would stop thinking about it.I went for tests years ago getting eeg scans I think their called and the diagnosis was that its all in my imagination.im 32 now and I still get it even when I'm not thinking about it.the feeling I get now is like,I'm sitting down and everything feels like its moving like I'm on a boat that's going up and down through the waves even though I'm sitting still,for instance I was holding my son the other day and all of a sudden my head felt like I was after driving very fast over a hill that drops quick,like a big bump on the road.thankfully my partner was there to take the bay off me.as a result of these episodes get very panaky and my heart races and I hold my head cause it feals heavy(strange I know).it seems to be getting worse lately.I find I'm twitching my head and rubbing it when I'm talking to people through nerves.im light headed contantly even now.does anyone know what causing it as it ruining my life,just a few more things I've been to the doc he doesn't know and wants me to get more tests and I don't need glasses,thanks in advance for your help.