I would like to say I know EXACTLY where you all are coming from. I received my Sex Offender status in 2010 in the state of Hawaii. I was active duty military with 25th ID. A (45 y/o, and extremely over weight)female soldier has a stroke. When the Doctor asks if she has any stresses in her life she says I grabed her chest (over the clothes) 4 months ago and traumatized her. Well my superiors by UCMJ law had to look into the situation. I was in pre-trial confidment for a great while. While officers conducted an investigation. I was appointed military councel... My biggest mistake. He demanded I say "yes I did it" or get 5 years hard labor at fort levenworth military prison. I was told it was staying military, and would NOT follow me into civilian life. I took the plea with an honorable discharge. I was out of the ARMY for a day when I was informed by my home county in Tennessee that I had to reigister as a sex offender. I didn't receive a felony or misdemeanor just the horable label of RSO. Since then I have been fired from countless jobs. I have ran out of job options. I have been homeless since the day I got out of the ARMY 2 years ago. My family has disowned me because of this. My friends I have lost contact with over the years (because I was gone to serve my country) do not want anything to do with me either. I have no where to live, no where to work, nothing to eat, etc. While all of this was going on, the only thing I had left was my vehicle and my possessions. Well I was going through a divorce while all of this was going on and my ex-wife drained my bank accounts, and took all my belongings, clothes included. To top it all off my newborn son also. I want my life back. Any input?