I'll try to make this brief. I have a brother who's never been a brother to any of us. He's selfish, belittles everyone and everything, know's everything, has to have the best of everything, lets you know he has the best of everything, looks down upon everyone around him, critcizes, scrutinizes, compares, and basically looks down his nose at everyone. He's as Narcissistic as they come. Very hard to get a word in the conversation with him because he changes the topic to suit his needs. So... we're all aware of the situation and how he treats people. Recently he made horrible remarks to me and my parents. Called me everything in the book because I didn't do exactly what he wanted me to do the way he wanted me to do it. So words were spoken and he and his girlfriend wrote a nasty letter to my parents, and I, in return wrote one back to them and we haven't spoken since. It's been 8 months... and they've been the happiest 8 months of my life. My husband and I and a sister and brother in law couldn't be happier, two other sisters feel different. They say we should all apologise to each other. My parents are getting older and my Mom misses her "son". My parents are old school, and don't believe there's anything medically wrong with him. I have one sister who's a nurse and she says he's got Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So my sister's feel we should all be one happy family again. First of all, we were never a happy family because of his ways. It's been the four girls and "him". He's always been an outsider and too good for all of us.
He went to my parents house and they "made up" yesterday. Now my dad wants me to basically kiss my brother's butt and give in. Am I wrong to not want to be a part of his world anymore. I'm 42 and a grown woman. I don't need a blood relative driving me nuts any longer. But I don't want my parent's unhappy either. There really is no happy medium here is there?