Hey, I've been having this problem for the last 6-8 weeks. I don't have health care or enough money to see a psychiatrist/take medication and I really want to nip this problem in the butt before it gets too out of control.

Recently, I've found myself easily irritated at the smallest things, with a lingering anger that just won't go away. It started with just venting out-loud to co-workers about the occasional customer that was particularly annoying, which felt normal, but now I feel like I'm becoming a hassle to my co-workers hearing my now constant complaining.

From there, I now find myself arguing with my family about little things that I know shouldn't really bother me. Now it's coming to me not wanting to be around my roommates and staying in my room alone just so people don't have to deal with me. I play in a band in the area that's seeing moderate success and I don't even want to be around the guys anymore, because all I do is argue minute details on things that shouldn't even be that big of a deal.

I work in a bicycle store as a mechanic part-time as my job , so excersize comes fairly often. I haven't really tried any other forms of control (mainly because I don't know any). I did take a small, 5 day vacation to get away from everything for a bit and it seemed to really help me out, but once I came back to the "real world" it started picking up again.

Can anyone help me get this under control before it gets too out of hand??

Thanks a lot!