When I was 3 my little brother and I were like best friend I thought I only had a brother. But my mom came one day she said your brother and sister will be coming in america soon. My mom was from el salvador(where my bro and sis is coming from) my dad is african american and he mixed like me because my grandfather was from panama but he also have an asian cousin so I'm also south korean but I'm mostly american.So a year later at 11:00 p.m my bro and sis came to america. I was like who are they I'm the 3rd oldest and 2nd youngest of 4.So my sis ( she's the oldest) had to sleep with me and little bro (were room mates). So my bro had to sleep in the other room in front of us. So this is were my life start to became ruin. A week later my big bro who 4 years older than me he start to hit me all the time I use to tell my mom and my brother use to say I'm lying. So he started to hit me more so. Some months passed after he came. He trick my little bro to hate me (later to trick every to hate me). So my bros used to hit me(they still do). Then one day he came in my room he pushed me in the floor and started to hump me my dad came upstairs and he got angry so they went downstairs to have a talk and he called me down and my brother hated me he never wanted me to be close to him he always get mad every time I go somewhere that he's at and I don't even know he's there. So one summer day he came in my room and he hit me and then I stand up to him and gave him a couple of punches then he punch me in the nose I was bleeding I told my sis and she said I was just hot. She when I left my bro told my sis that he punch me in the nose they started laughing I never told my mom anythting about my sibiling ganging up on me. So my brothers start to hit me and pull my hair and he started to rape me some more. Then he went to school he was the popular kid and I was always the who was bullied rejected and a tomboy and the smart one (since I was born). I had 2 friends but only 2 I still have them as friend and I have 1 more but there latin like me. So we were the rejects/geeks/tomboys/loners.(expect one of my bestest friend). So my bro told evryone in the school to bully me and they did the use to teaser me and everything. My teachers didn't know. My friend didn't because they knew it was the wrong thing to do. Then my brother raped me more he raped my the most @ 2009-2010 he did it every single day at that year it was my birthday and my parents didn't gut me anything I was the hated one in the house my brother says he the hated one but no no ones talks to me at home and everyone forgets about me. He stopped hitting me at the year 2009 because my mom hit him with a stick. So 2011 came he stopped I was happy but then he raped my 5 times at that year. Then this year is kind of the same but more he raped me 14 times this year. So now I'm the hated child no one cares about all my siblings hate me I never told my parents and he still does it and my firend supported me there the only ones I have told and I'm still beening bullied at school. So some one please help me I'm been bullied abused and been suicidal please help me. Thank you for reading please tell this story to victims of bully or victim of sexual abused. Thank you and be strong god bless you.