Hey all I just need some help on how to explain depression to my husband,

I was diagnosed recently with depression after yr's of cutting myself, I finally decided to change my ways and have been trying to stop the cutting which has lead to me being depressed but I am finding it near impossible over the past few months just seems to be getting worse to the point where daily I wish my life would just end, I don't want to die just over being sad and feeling like and I really need my partner to support me because I want to beat this but I don't feel like I can do it on my own.

I tried asking my partner for help but he seems to turn his back or just get angry at me because he don't know how to deal with it (I totally understand he don't mean it but it don't make it hurt any less) and then I'm lefting hurting myself even more, A viscous cycle that I am over.

When I told him I was going to do counseling he was all for it and said he would support me threw it.

But past few months since I was diagnosed with depression have just been going down hill and now he says stuff like you have to be realistic it's not convenient to be depressed early in the morning or vis verse for late at night
Like if I could choose when I would be depressed I would turn it off for good, But he don't seem to get that at all.

I don't feel like I can handle this anymore and I need his support because I have no one else so any suggestions would be great.

P.s hope it makes sense