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    Apr 16, 2008, 08:39 AM
    How to be dominant at every situation?
    Hello Sir,
    I am pratik 21 year doing TE(comp engg). Student from INDIA.Actually I don't hv any kind of problem by any means .just want to teel you that last year I had Break up wt girl.cause she was already engage with someone else but OK I somehow manage to forgat that.
    Now I am not able to express myself to anyone more frankly.I mean I can dissuss daily thing but my nature is like that , I don't want to take need of other for such mental reasons I want to be farm on my own feets else once I get habbit of such thing then I 'll always take help of others..
    But now a days I am feeling very lonely bt not frustred? OK I hv a courage of doing something
    In Life.but want some pushback some mental support from any girl/bot! In shortly needing a...
    I don't know? But sir can you please help me that the situation from which I am suffring is what kind??
    I really don't understand? What should I Do? at this point can you please suggest some yhin??

    Hoping you are BEST replay
    Thank you..
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    Apr 16, 2008, 10:04 PM
    Everyone needs to accept help from others sometimes. You can not always be firm on your feet before accepting help. Being that firm, is an ideal. Humans are a community, we help one another. If you do not state that you are feeling down, no one may know, then no one helps you up.

    You do not need another girl to realize that the break-up you just went through was painful. You say you forgot it. It still hurts though. Pain, after a break-up is normal. Tell a woman or a man that you just ended a relationship and that you feel sad. This does not need to become a habit. Admitting that you feel sad and lost is admitting that you're human.

    You will be just fine. There is nothing shameful in being needy. Being needy all the time can be a burden to others. Being needy once in a while gives other people a chance to know you, and to help, which makes them feel better. So, I'd suggest giving up a small piece of your hidden self, to help someone else feel better about their own burdens.
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    Apr 18, 2008, 08:18 AM
    Hello Sir ,
    I am Pratik TE(compute engg) from INDIA..
    Once againg here I am with a little bit differnet Question.

    Sir now I have one problem.. I am becoming very Egostic person now a days..
    Because I think that everyone is trying to make me frod or they try to fool me or simply I feels they get jelous on me.. it's not my just felling some incidences had proven this fat I am listing few of them in short please read

    1.Wherever I meet anyone first time I am very Attractive or he likes me.. but after sometime or you can say by meeting several times his /her interest gets down from me.. (I don'd know is it really or t my nonsense feeling but I feels like that)

    2.As I am handsome in looking other people (may not look as good as me) try to pull me
    Down(againg I thinks like that)

    3.Sometimes feels that yess there should be someone eith me(girl) so that I will be ready to fight any situation in life..
    (What does it means LOVE?? )

    4.And last but not least that I feel that people should come to me for work and I am not every time go to them(Is this condition is normal?? What Actually problem I HAVE? Can you please tell me sirr,I want to GOOD PERSON in life BUT FRIEND Around ME SAYA THAT HE NEVER SPEAKS I HIS MIND? WHAT IS ACTUALLY PROBLEM?? )

    5.Also sometimes feels very lonely please help me sir for brighting my life!!

    What actually Am I Needing tell me??



    Waiting for you are kind response
    Thank you!!
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    Apr 18, 2008, 10:10 PM
    1. Someone likes me at first, then after meeting with them a few times, their interest is less. You are good at beginning relationships. Continuing the good conversation depends on the other person being interested. How do you hold their initial interest? People have a need to be liked (well, you know that.) Ask questions about things they have mentioned, like girlfriend, children, work, parents, something they said they don't like. Ask about it, remember what they said last time. If you spend an hour with them and see their mood change, ask them what they're thinking about that make their expression change. Ask calmly, casually, listen to the answer. Ask about their answer if it made sense to you. People like to talk about themselves and be listened to.

    2. You are good looking and feel that others try to pull you down. Sometimes people put each other down to "feel better." Again, they want to be liked, good looking, interesting and listened to. They also wish to feel attractive. Smile at them. Talk to them as if they are the best thing around. Ask how they feel, how they found shoes or a purse that matches the belt, the jacket (women.) Men, show appreciation for the success they just had at their job, or on an exam. If they have a great car, tell them you think so. You can't fake this, if you think their car or shoes look like dog poo, compliment them on something else.

    3. Love, romantic love is something that happens to you. When you are in love with a woman, what your family may think of her is the farthest thing from your mind. Often she is the only thing you can think of. When you fall in love, you will know it.

    You do not need a woman by your side to feel OK! "Fighting" the world is not done with a cheerleader. Women do not make men complete. A complete man, and a complete woman come together to make each other's lives better by providing support. When you and a woman are in love, she will be your partner. Most "fighting of the world" will then be done with the support of the partner. When she has a difficult exam coming up, you will support her by letting her get enough sleep and by studying with her if it helps her. She will do the same for you.

    4. I want to be a good person but people say, "he never speaks his mind." Understand, learn what they mean by "never speaks his mind." The problem may be cultural, or linguistic. Ask someone, tell them that you've heard that you don't speak your mind. Ask her what this might mean.

    5. You are lonely. You aren't alone in feeling this way. But you feel alone. You must talk, share, complain and commiserate. You must ask, just a little, to get people to begin talking to you. You must improve your talking and listening skills in a different language, English. Even people who are born here do not always understand how to talk to others. This is a skill, one you will use your whole life. Learn it well.

    6. How to be cool? Even if you are one step ahead of another person, the coolest thing to do is to let them be a jerk. Don't you be a jerk. Give them your complete attention, face them, your head slightly to one side. When they are done talking, ask if there is something you can help them with (if they said something rude, that is.) Or you can say, "I'm not sure how I can answer that." Remember, people want to be noticed, liked and wanted. By making you the "bad guy" they may be gaining the acceptance of their friends.

    Above all else, whenever you have time, learn the language and culture of where you are. Know it better than the natives do. If all you can do in a situation is listen, and feel left out, listen. Write down things that continue to puzzle you. Look them up later. Ask someone later what that meant.

    Since I am the only one answering your post, you may PM (private message) me with further questions. I know, being lonely and wondering why they keep acting this way is painful.

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