I know that many people feel that they are the "unfavored" child, but in my case I know that I am. My mother has told me how she doesn't like me, and my brothers (they are about 8 years younger than me) both have noticed that my mother doesn't like me. I recently had to move back in with my mom, because I had nowhere to go with my child. The only reason she let me move in is because my step-father forced her to do so. When she kicked me out at 13 years old she stopped talking to me (I was kicked out so that she could move in with my now step-dad). I just recently started talking to her again when I had my son almost two years ago. So when I look around my mother's house there are pictures of my brothers at all ages on every wall in the house, however there is only one picture with me in it and it is a family picture (this is a constant reminder that she doesn't really care for me as she has thousands of pictures of me in a box in storage). My relationship with my mother has created many problems into my adult life (including some time spent in a mental hospital). I am just now starting to realize that most of my depression stems from the love I lack from my mom. I wanted to find out if anyone has any ideas on how to overcome this, so that I can function and be a better parent to my son then she was to me.