I am in my early 40s and have experienced a number of high-profile business failures. And the very public humiliation has left me shattered. Although I had some early success, I am viewed by my peers as a failure and a bit of a joke.
I am a single man in my early 40s and something of a loner having channelled all my energies into work and having always found it difficult to hold on to friendships.
I am awash in self pity and self loathing and full of remorse (shoulda, could have, woulda). I am on anti depressants and attend group therapy and I try to stay healthy but it feels like I am in a losing battle. I realise that this might be a good opportunity to refocus my values, etc. but I have lost the will to do anything except feel sad and abandoned. The old confidence has gone south in a very big way. The one thing I have retained is a fairly strong sense of humor but that too is slipping. Any advice? I would particularly like to hear from anyone who has gone through something similar.