So... As I said before in one of my questions... I think I'm lovestruck. Thing is, I don't know how much longer I have before I'm moving away. Honestly, there are only two things that should matter to this girl I like. One of them is what she needs; she doesn't need me. She's two years older then me, and although we're extremely close friends, she doesn't need me there. She could live without me. Another thing is what she wants. I don't think she wants me, either, so I have chosen not to say anything.

Is that healthy? Honestly, I feel like Sh*t not saying anything to her despite how I feel, which is why I came here. I need you opinions... I'm sure it's smart not to say anything to her, but is it healthy? She is the first girl I have liked in several years after the abrupt passing of my first girlfriend... so I don't know what to do.