I have a friend who cuts herself, and she is really worrying me and my best friend. She knows its bad, but she says it relieves stress. Today I saw the cuts on her wrist, she said she cut herself and passed out from the blood loss. She is suicidal, and this is due to stress and her being bisexual. I ran my finger over the scratches and felt sick in the stomach. She is mean sometimes, but that doesn't mean I don't care about her and her doing this. Me and my friend are really scared for her, for next time she could die from this. We don't want to lose her, and she won't tell anyone. I feel we're bad people if we let her do this and don't tell anyone, when we really want to help her. She doesn't think her parents will take her and get her help, and she has nobody else to turn to but us, and we can't do very much. I am really, really scared for her. What should I do?