2 years ago this girl who at the time seemed like a friend but everyone else told me she was rouble but I didn't listen because I thought she was fun. Whenever I think about it I get this awful dreaded feeling and it won't go away because I see her in school all the time .we don't talk we're very mean to each and now hate each other. What happened was in the beginnning we just drank and snuck cigarettes together from her mum, it was fun while it lasted. She kissed me and I kissed her back ,we didn't have sex but we did some stuff I'm to ashamed to talk about with anyone . I think she has kept her mouth closed this long only because she's ashamed 2 but I got mad at her and called her some things which I regret to this day but she was just as mean back to me so I told her to never speak to me again.. we didn't until she told her mother that I stole cigarettes . I denied it because her mother came to my mother so I got scared and denied it... she says mean things when we pass each other and so do I but I just wish we didn't know each other.. I mean I know we were just curious teens.. very young but I don't know how to relieve my feeling and don't say talk 2 my friends because they hate lesbians... which I am not and I guess they just dislike what they do but I could never tell them.. I made them hate her too.. do you see god I feel awful.. please help me from anonymus me