Hi everyone,

I am 36 years old, I am married and I have a 3 year old daughter. My problem is that my emotions are not stable. I feel good and happy and energetic one day and depressed and low another day. A cold face or one single word can make me feel miserable especially if it is from my husband, even if it is a joke. This gets worse when it s around my menstrual period. I feel totally different, I feel I am lonely and need attention. I become needy and I hate it. My husband is a caring person but does not behave the way I expect him to behave during this time. He won't touch anything in the kitchen, he helos with my daughter though. I just want him to spoil me a little bit at this time. Just ask if I am OK, hug me and give me a hand with the chores, but he does not want to. I have talked about this to him but it seems he does not believe it. The first time I told him, he said, my sister never had such feelings ( and he came out of his parents home when his sister was only 16) I did not have such feelings when I was 16 either. It all started after I was 25. Anyway, I do not want to be needy and feel bad about myself. I have asked my physician and she told me everything is fine with me physically, but these feelings are so bad I think they can damage my relationship with my husband in long term. You know he never surprises me with anything, even when I gave birth to my child, no flowers no gifts... even for my birthdays he always feels unhappy to have to buy a gift... I know he loves me and I know these things are not essential, but I some times feel I am ignored and when I talk to him, he feels very sad and feels that I am unhappy with him and he is being criticized. I don't know what to do. When I get like that I feel like I am a different person, totally different, I cry a lot and I am irritable. Other times of the month, I am cheerful supportive, happy and playful and do all I have to do happily without any bad feelings! Any suggestions?