Hello there -

I'm trying to get some answers regarding my newest problem. I can't go to my pysch. About this because I've tried but every time I try to explain this to someone (counselor, pysch. parents.. ) they think I have an "issue". ADHD, anxiety, and the list goes on and on. I'm so sick of being labeled with something and then told to try some new med/prescription. I've already been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and I've come to terms with it but this is newest thing is pretty recently (this past year or a little longer).

My thoughts are constantly going. I'm having a hard time controlling them and they seem to be controlling my emotions and reactions. It's definitely getting old and I find myself wishing I could take my brain out just to get a rest from the constant ongoing thoughts.

People are always making jokes "what are you thinking about? You're ALWAYS thinking about something..." and its hard because I wish I wasn't ALWAYS thinking something. I need a rest from thinking! I did find a method to help if it becomes too over whelming. I partake in cannibis use, but it doesn't always fit nicely into my lifestyle. Very religious backgrounds - not okay with cannibis. Parents, by the book on everything - not okay at all with cannibis. Doctors, think the worst of it and think I'm an addict - not okay with cannibis. My profession - Not okay with cannibis.

But this seems to be the only thing that keeps my brain from constantly ticking away. I just want a break. By 7 pm I'm exhausted (not physically - but emotionally and mentally). I recently found out I might have an ulcer - due to stress. But I didn't think I had any stress other then this inner battle I have with myself... day after day after day.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? KNOW ANYONE WHO IS GOING THROUGH ANYTHING LIKE THIS?? Please give me any advice you can! Its getting too much for me to handle and I feel like I'm losing control of my thoughts.