I am 46 years old, and never have figured out why my mother is mean, selfish, and frankly is a liar for no apparent reason. When my brother passed away 10 years ago, she said there was no will, or probate deal. Come to find out... he DID have a $100,000 estate which she has denied. My siblings and I cannot figure out why though. We are all self supporting,responsible adults that never need her help financially. She is so selfish she refused to see her grandson before he died (he lived about 2 weeks, and the only thing she was upset about was being asked to watch my other child so I could be with the critically ill one. She insisted I come and take him to another sitter, and while I was gone, my ill child passed away alone... then all she said was you are better off anyway. She and my father never paid a dime for any college education or weddings, prom dress etc. My brother had to get a job to pay for college, then she wanted his money for rent. He was still a teenager. Now she cannot understand why my siblings and I want nothing to do with my parents at all. She recently requested that I spend the holidays with her only, and not have my children or grandchildren there! She never buys a Christmas or birthday gift, even a $2 or $3 one, because she says she is poor, but she spends HUNDREDS mothly to play bingo. For years my sister felt sorry for her being poor, bought her lunch out weekly, miniature golf etc, then we find out she has over $600,000 in the bank, and has not had debts for years! We live in Missouri CHEAP ECONOMY! But my father who has COPD and breathes at 19% lung capacity had no inhaler last month, had an attack, mom knocked on neighbors door for his asthma inhaler because she complains dads is too expensive to buy. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks for listening, I know this sounds kind of nutty.