I had a "thing" with this guy about 3 years ago, it only lasted a couple of months and then he "broke it off" with me by getting into a relationship with another girl. I currently have a boyfriend that I've been with for almost a year and I love him, but I can't seem to get this other guy out of my head. This other guy hurt me several times and it took my current boyfriend to put me back together. I absolutely can't stand the other guy and haven't really spoken to him in some time. How do I get this guy out of my head so I can get some semblance of sanity back and so I don't feel like I'm betraying my boyfriend?

I actually have talked to my boyfriend about this, though I didn't mention the name, though he knows the guy (it's not a friend of his), and my boyfriend just tells me to get over it and not to worry about it because he knows I won't cheat on him. This isn't about cheating, this is about just getting this guy out of my head.