I was married for 26 years and abused phtsically and emotionally. I have been dating a great guy. He says I need to voice my opinion more, tell him what I want and be more assertive. I know he is trying to help and he is trying to understand. He says to be myself-which I have been more so around him. I want to have more self esteem and confidence and be more assertive. I am trying and he said he likes a woman whom is more assertive and says what she wants. I have a few times when he has aked me what I want to do-said so. But I want to be more so. How can I be? I am trying hard to be assertive. I can finally be myself with him and I feel great there. Is there an overnite fix for not being assertive and too passive. I want to be more so with him. And he said in a relationship its 50/50 and its saying and giving our opinions and what we want. Please help me!!