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    Jun 25, 2020, 10:32 AM
    Am I normal to love someone too much ?
    I love my best friend, we can called her x. I have a lot of friends, but x it's my best friend, I haven't see x in a long time, we dont send small talk, but i always thinking about x. When I sad, first person in my mind is x,when I happy, first person in my mind is x again. But I don't think x always thinking about me to . I'm a girl and x too, but she more precious than boyfriend, I scared that I love her

    Do I have end friendship with x ?
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    Jun 26, 2020, 06:11 AM
    I would suggest you deal with your own feelings for X in healthy realistic ways or the relationship will be become unhealthy because of resentments for the time she spends with others. That's a bit needy for just friends. Maybe obsessive, and that's not normal or healthy. How old are you both?

    Maybe you just miss your best friend a lot, and that's normal but shouldn't stop you from enjoying your life and being happy without her. Why haven't you seen each other or even chat often? I don't see why you end the friendship, just put it on hold for a while. Those intense feelings will fade in time.

    How long since you saw or talked to your best friend?

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