He was physically and mentally abusive, yet he denies every bit of it, even to me! It's so frustrating because I went through the abuse for two years, I was there, I was being abused. It was like a living hell for me, but I came out and am stronger than ever. And the very person who looked at me with no remorse when he was doing what he did is trying to deny it to me?

At the same time he's even "apologized" for a specific instance of abuse. (Granted, from experience, I know he was only trying to manipulate me into doing something he wanted me to do.)

I've moved on with my life, I'm with someone new, I'm happy. Granted I've got all the scars I rightfully can have... I've accepted that I can't change what happened. I just talked to my ex for the first time in a while today and after I told him I wouldn't meet him anywhere by ourselves, he said something about me still thinking he was abusive.

I just want to know why he denies this to me of all people.