Hi, I am new to this site , but I am looking for help for my son. My son is 21 years old he has been in college for 3 years and at 3 different Universities. I love him and we use to be very close. Each time he moved from a University it was a move up with outstanding GPA. He is now attending one of the top Universities in the world. I asked him not to transfer because he seemed so happy where he was and he suffers from depression at times, more so in the winter months. He did not listen and moved to this great University but I knew it was not for him. I told him in Fl where he was he had more sun light in the winter months and reminded him of his condition. He has seen Psyhciatrists since high school. He was going to return to college on Jan 5th yet I knew something was wrong. He was not getting up to workout nor was he answering the cell from his friends. I have always told him you have to be happy in what you are doing or you will never succeed. I think he knows he made a mistake changing schools and I ask him if he wanted to go back and the answer was no are you ------. He told me I don't know what to do Dad I am depressed I don't won't to wake up, I just want to stay in my room with the lights out and not talk to anyone. Than I got a call from his best friend who expressed a concern for ---- and said he was not himself. I know it is not drugs. My son has always played lacrosse and was a all-american and will not even take the drugs the Dr. prescrited for him. He is obsessed with clean hands and bathrooms. He is a handsome young man yet finds it hard to communicate with people he does not know. He told me he needs to take a semester off and I agreed he has been working hard and needs help. The problem is every Dr. see's him for 5-10 minutes and prescribes a mix of drugs and says come back in 2 weeks. He and I agree that he needs to talk to someone and not for 5 minutes. He is sick with a cold and he is very angry. He has never talk to myself nor my wife with such disrespect. We need to help him and don't know where to find the right Psyhciatrist that is not on a prescribtion plan only. He does needs help. Does anyone have any feed back. Sorrry for any miss spelling it is late at night.