I have yeast infection on my inner thighs. It began about a month back with itching followed by red pimples on the right inner thigh. This soon spread to the other thigh. In a few days the pimples vanished but my skin started turning dark.

The doctor told me that it is a yeast infection and gave me a powder to apply on it . However, It didn't seem to make much a difference. After applying it for two days I came out of town forgot the medicine at home only. I'll stay out till next week and don't remember the name of the powder.

I tried an OTC powder called 'Tinactin - Antifungal.' It has 1 % Tolnaflate as active ingredient and claims to relieve burning and itching and athelete's foot.
This powder seems to be making things worse. I now have a very dry skin with severe itching at times. When I itch, my skin starts coming off from thighs.

What should I do to get better?