well occasionally I will notice a very tiny bump on the shaft of my penis (mostly around the middle of the shaft.)

the bump is skin colored and does not hurt unless I squeeze it hard.

if I pinch the skin around the bump I can feel it like a tiny ball under the surface of the skin.

when I squeeze it, some puss will come out and then normally the bump will get smaller and eventually go away.

like I said, I will randomly get 1 bump here or there every once in a while, and these bumps are really small and never itch or hurt.

is this something I should be worried about?

I ride my bike a lot as it is my only means of transportation at this time and I wear boxer briefs and sweat quite a lot down there during those bike rides.

could this just be an ingrown hair? (I do shave regularly)

thank you for any help on this matter.