I have a red spot that has slight scabbing on it.

I had unprotected oral sex about a month ago, followed by anal sex with condom.

About 2-3 days later I noticed night scabbing on 3 spots. They were red, faint almost could not see them.

I thought at first the scabbing was dried seman.

Anyhow they went away except for one red spot. No ulcer, no wound. Just faint scabbing.

I saw a doctor who looked it over with a magnifying glass.

He told me not to worry about it.

But it has been about 2 weeks and the red spot is still there. Light scabbing, but it is still faint.

On itching, not pain, no fluid or blister. Just a red spot about 1 cm in diameter. It has faint scabbing on it.

I'm still nervous, but I'm wondering if it is just yeast?

I want to get tested but if it is herpes will it be positive or negative?

My partner says no signs ever of this.

Thank you