Well I masterbated today and everything was fine all felt like usual
But after a good 20 min or so I sat down on a chair and laid my hand on top ovr my jeans where my penis is but I felt a weird tickle?
So I got up and went to the bathroom and felt it. It was kind of a sting this is in the middle of my pennis going towards my pubic area.
So I felt on it and it gave a little sting and thiught to myself hmm maybe it will go away later so a couple of min ago I checked it tue sting had gone away,a little but now I put pressure on it to check if it was OK but I felt both sided and on my leaft side in the middle part it feels hard like if their was a small rock in my skin it stings a little but that's it
Please help I'm worried about my manhood (haha) could it be normal or is it a tummor ?:(
Or coukd it be maybe irritation from masturbation?