I had intercourse about 2 weeks ago and the following week a bump appeared on the base of my penis, it is hard and sore and if anything rubs against it, it becomes red otherwise its usually about skin color... the bump under the skin is about the size of a pea... it is sore and the redness seems to come and go... Im not sure if I have and std or it is just an ingrown hair... when I went to the doctor from being sick I showed him the bump but he didn't seem to concerned about it. He just said keep an eye on it. But I am concerned if I need to go in just for that.. I have checked out symptoms of all kinds of stds and I haven't been successful with finding any helpful information. Can someone please give me an idea of what it could possibly be. Again it is a painful bump under the skin on the lower part of my shaft and gets red but not messed with it becomes skin color. It hasn't appeared to go down any in this last week and it is pea size. I am pretty freaked out and your knowledge is very appreciated.