White bumps just underneath the skin from the bottom of the penis shaft to about 3/4 of the way up, the more noticeable ones are lower down or on the underside, and could be sebaceous prominence (hair follicles). Nothing feels weird or any symptoms of any kind, just kind of there. The weird thing is that they were always there (less of them maybe) if I remember correctly. I could just barely notice them (very tiny in size) until about half a year ago or less they all of a sudden seemed to spread and some became a bit bigger and noticeable. I've been trying the 5% panoxyl gel (benzoyl peroxide) and occasionally a tea tree oil mask stuff for the last month or two. It seems to have worked a little bit, they are still noticeable unfortunately however, but a little less than they were at their worst. I will continue trying it for a bit as long as it does not get irritated or anything, as it can take a while or even get worse before it gets any better. I will be checking back and updating any change. I'd appreciate any input or resolution/advice from anyone who knows what they are talking about or have had any success or knowledge in treating this.

The only other treatments I have heard of are accutane (which has some questionable possible side effects) and tretonoin which also require a doctor or dermatologist prescription + being costly from what I hear. I haven't been able to find much of anything on anyone successfully treating this. I would very much appreciate some input.