I am a 26 yr old unmarried guy, and have been struggling with excessive hair all over my body. I know that if I Google on this, I will find plenty of answers, and believe me, I have read most of them. But so far, I have not found a solution to my problem. All the websites keep suggesting the same hair-removal techniques like laser, electrolysis, waxing, etc. etc. But I am too afraid to try any such thing, and I don't even have that kind of money to try such costly surgeries.

I have almost accepted my fate, and even-though I do feel depressed when I go for a bath and see my body full of hair, or feel ashamed when someone comments about the excessive hair, I can not do anything. I have a decent height, and an athletic body, and sometimes think that I would have gone to gym and would have build a decent body, if I didn't had the excessive body-hair problem. I love swimming, but have not been to a pool since I was a child, again only because I am ashamed of people commenting on the body-hair.

By excessive body-hair, I really mean that it is way too excessive. I have hairs about 2 inches long all over my back and chest, as well as on my hands and legs. I also have hair all over my neck, and have a very coarse beard. I don't know whether this is hereditary, but I assume it is not because my parents didn't have excessive body-hair. In fact I was growing pretty normal in my early years, but on one unfortunate day, I met with a terrible accident, and had a severe fracture in my legs. I did not suffer any other injuries besides that, but I was operated for the fracture, and had to stay in hospital for 2 months and take several antibiotic medicines. Since that year, my body hair started growing, and I was just about 12 yrs at that time. I don't know if my excessive body-hair growth is due to taking too many antibiotics or something else, but I am forced to believe that it is due to that.

Matters got worst for me 4 years back when I just decided by chance to pluck a few hairs out of my eyebrow. Even though I stopped plucking them after sometime, but my eyebrows started getting thicker and thicker after that. To my surprise, even my eye-lashes started getting extremely thick, and I didn't knew what to do about them. And very recently, I have started losing my head-hair (I'm getting bald from front). My situation now is such that I can never wear a round-neck t-shirt, since my back hairs and chest hairs would all make my situation miserable, and I can not enjoy my life at all. I have considered going to a doctor for consultation, but I did not go only because (1) I was afraid that the doctors too would laugh at my situation rather than understanding how I feel (2) I do not have that kind of money to consult and get treatment from a dermatologist.

As I already said, I have accepted my fate as it is, and am trying to live with it, but every now and then I feel that if my life could have been normal, I too could have lived it happily. I will appreciate if someone has a suggestion to this, or if someone who has faced such situation can guide me towards some sort of treatment. I know that many people who will read this will laugh at it, and will find it funny, and might also leave fun-making comments, but please try to help if you can, since you don't know how much it really hurts.